What does it cost ?


AFC Barwell are a community charter standard football club operating in the Hinckley area, offering football coaching and matches to around 300 children, both girls and boys, between the ages of 3 and 18 years old.

Through the provision of football we offer young people the opportunity to gain the skill of teamwork and improve their fitness.Our teams play in matches at weekends and train twice a week.Our aim is to improve the ability of all children and create an opportunity for them to learn in a safe and enjoyable environment.

AFC Barwell Charter Standard Community Club

One of a handful in Leicestershire, AFC Barwell is a charter standard community Club, the pinnacle of the club development pathway, which has a high quality, multi-team structure with excellent social,training and playing opportunities for all.

All new FA Community Clubs are required to meet FA Criteria, ensuring that they provide opportunities for players irrespective of age, gender, religion or ability. AFC Barwell has the largest inclusive football setup in Southwest Leicestershire, providing footballing opportunities for all abilities. AFC Barwell - "Football for All"

FA Qualified Coaches

Clubs must provide qualified coaches, first aiders and child protection officers.At AFC Barwell we have an excellent array of F.A trained and qualified coaches from Levels 1 to 3 along with FUTSAL qualified coaches. All are CRB checked and child safeguarding trained.

At AFC Barwell we recognise that families do not have endless funds to spend on activities for their children however running the club costs a considerable amount of money each year for this reason we charge a monthly fee to play and train with the club.We try hard to keep the fees to a minimum.

What does it cost ?

It costs £15.00 per month by standing order for a player to play and train at the club (different arrangements are in place for groups such as mini dribblers where a "pay as you go" system operates). For a player to play in league matches a registration fee is also payable when registering this is £30.00

There are sibling discounts available for families with 3 players at the club. In this instance the 3rd player is free.

Fees can be paid annually in a lump sum (you should speak to your players coach if you wish to pay like this)or monthly by Standing Order.

The details to set up a standing order are as below

Account Name AFC BARWELL

Sort Code 40-24-19

Account Number 91763881

Payments should be set up to re occur on the 1st of every month and should be referenced with the players name.

If you cannot set up a standing order on line a form can be downloaded here and taken to your bank branch.

The young player - First and foremost.

Young players participating and enjoying the benefits that physical activity bring is the most important thing at our club. However the reality is that running the club costs money.

What to do if you encounter problems with the payment of monthly fees

Should you have any issues with paying monthly fees then speak to your coach or a member of the committee at the club, the last thing we would want to see is a youngster not participating due to financial issues.

If you do not feel that you are able to speak to someone face to face then please get in touch with us by clicking here. Whether face to face or via email you have absolute assurance that your contact will be treated with confidence.

Please don't just simply stop paying without talking to someone.

We can only help if we are aware.

Simply stopping payments is unfair to those that do and is damaging to the club. We want to help and will try to assist in anyway we can in order to keep your young player playing.

The football club continually look at payments and in the event that monthly fees are not paid for a period 3 months and we are not made aware of an issue the player concerned will sadly not be able to play or train until the situation is resolved and any arrears settled.

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