If you have a complaint.

As a football club and registered charity we endeavour to operate and conduct ourselves in a way that allows everyone who comes into contact with us to be satisfied and happy with their experience.

We do realise however that sometimes situations occur where either as a member of the public, opposing football team, parent or player you may feel that you need to raise a complaint.

The first step to resolving any issue should be to speak to your immediate club contact, this might be your team coach.

Our child welfare office can also be contacted directly should you feel that it necessary details of how to get in touch with our CWO can be found by visiting our safeguarding page here. Should this not be possible or in situations where it has been possible, and a suitable solution not found, then please let us know by using the form on this page.

We will only use your data to administer your complaint and to contact you regarding your complaint. We won’t use your details for any other purpose unless we obtain your express consent to do so or if we have another lawful basis for such processing. Further information on how we handle personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.