This project has now concluded however the work continues.

Two major documents have been published by the group as part of the work

1. A handbook which seeks to address issues of fairness and inclusion in grassroots sport this document can be viewed or downloaded from here

2. A policy recommendation document and evaluation toolkit for use by other sports clubs when addressing issues of ethics. This document can be viewed or downloaded here.


A major part of the project was the creation of "THE BIG SIX". A simple to use resource for coaches when working with young children. more information about this element can be found by visitiong the ethics4sports website here

AFC Barwell are very proud to be part of a European Union initiativesurrounding ethics in sport. View our press release here.

The project group consists of grassroots sports clubs from Germany, Spain, Italy, AFC Barwell from the UK as well as the university of Leicester and University of Rennes in France.

The group aims to tackle issues of fairness and discrimination in sport and involves coaches parents and players from the club.

The football club hopes to learn from its European partners and build on the strong ideals that it already has in place. AFC Barwell will be working with the university of Leicester on this project . A Press release can be found here

If you would like to see some pictures of the kick off meeting which was held in Spain (January 2016)click here