Test and Trace GDPR

Test and Trace - Your Data

We are collecting a small amount of data about visitors to dovecote way on days where football fixtures are played.

This information will be held securely for a limited amount of time and will be used to assist the test and trace system put in place by the uk government and NHS to combat the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

What we will ask for

We will ask you to provide the minimum amount of information and will ondo it via the web form published at www.afcbarwell.com/trace

We will ask you for

  1. First Name and Surnmae

  2. Contact number

How long will the information be stored.

The incubation period of Coronavirus is 14 Days. The UK Government says that businesses and organisations should keep the data for 21 Days. AFC Barwell keep the information for 21 Days from the date entered and will delete it, securley, afterwards.

Limited use of the data

AFC Barwell will only use the data provided for the purpose of assisting with any test and trace requests from the UK's test and trace service. AFC Barwell will not use it for any marketing activity or pass it on to third parties other than for the purpose of assisting with test and trace.

Further information about NHS Test and Trace can be found here