Bonus Ball

The AFC Barwell Bonus Ball Monthly Draw

Every month 3 Numbers will be drawn with each of them winning a cash prize for first,second, and third place.

There are 200 number up for grabs and one or more of them are yours to apply for.

The more numbers in the draw .... The bigger the prizes.

A list of previous drawers and winning numbers can be found here

Apply to join the AFC Barwell monthly Bonus Ball Draw here.

Before you choose your number or numbers please read the following important information



**Choosing Numbers

The list of numbers will update daily and identify numbers that have already been taken. In the case of more than one person applying for the same number whilst it is showing as available we will allocate the number to the person submitting the form first. We will inform those not successful by email and they may choose an alternative number if they wish.

The organisers decision is final.