As an incentive to our members and to encourage local trade, AFC Barwell are actively looking to partner with businesses and retailers in the area that would be willing to offer incentives to football club members who shop or otherwise deal with them.

We believe the scheme will be beneficial to both the football club and the enterprises that choose to take part in the scheme.

An explanation document can be downloaded here

Contribute as little or as much as you like !

All we ask of those that wish to join in and help us with the scheme is that you enjoy being part of it and embrace the thinking behind it. You can choose to offer those that present the card when purchasing from your business as little or as much as you like -

  • The Owner of a local coffee shop may offer a discount on a cup of coffee
  • The Local hairdresser may offer a discount on a haircut

AFC Barwell will issue a member ship card to each current member of the football club upon registration for next season. This takes place in August. New players joining after this date will be issued with a card upon joining. The setting up of anarrangement to pay the AFC Barwell membership would constitute joining. The membership card may take the form of a smartphone app for those that can access it. The football club will actively promote the activities of the local businesses that choose to take part by :-

· The setting up of a Member Incentive section  on our You tube Channel, AFCBTV that will promote the scheme and those participating. The Channel address is

· The creation of a page on our websites and that will promote the scheme and those participating.

· Periodic promotion via Social media at :-

· Produce and supply free a  POS window poster (A5) stating  that the card is “Accepted here”

· Produce the physical membership cards in card from and electronically within our app

· AFC Barwell will also create an electronic membership card for  users of our smartphone app. Registering  with the app will be  required. A list of participants will be available within the app.
We believe the cost of being a member at AFC Barwell already represents good value. We recognise that not all families have endless budgets and would like to offer something extra to our members with this  initiative whilst at the same time promoting businesses based locally.

If you would like to be involved please complete and submit the form below.